General Enquires

To join an expedition, you need to fill out the application form on your chosen trip.

We live out in the fields ,often we don’t have signal and are very busy, so please take the time to read our ‘ INFORMATION’ section in full so that we do not have to re write on our correspondence with you about the information  in this section.

If you have a question that is not answered here then you can send an e mail to [email protected] We work mostly off the grid out on the islands. Electricity, internet and phone signals are not readily or sometimes unavailable so we may be delayed in responding back on your emails and queries. Emails can take up to 5 days. Patience is a virtue during these times. Thank you!  

Payments & Cash

We require a 50% deposit to confirm your reservation.To confirm we will send you an invoice to make a 50% deposit. This is payable by PayPal or Bank Transfer. The remaining balance plus any transfer fees can be paid via PayPal or bank transfer within 3 to 5 working days before the scheduled departure, otherwise it must be paid via cash in Philippine Peso a day before the departure. All dues must be paid before boarding the boat.

You do not need to be registered with PayPal to pay your deposit. Instructions on how to pay without a PayPal account are given once you click pay now!

Your deposit guarantees you have read all of the information sections on the website. The ‘INFORMATION’ section has all the details that you need. Please make sure that you have read the information provided in our website. We will not answer any e-mail inquiries that are already answered on our website.

To avoid bringing bulk of cash when you travel you might want to pay your remaining balance in advance. Also cash can become difficult to access as it is limited in Palawan.

Cancellations & refund Policies

Cancellations are only caused by severe weather warning, i.e.; tropical depressions and or typhoon. Any cancellation due to weather will be rescheduled in the next day/s.  We do not refund when we re schedule. If you cancel a trip we will not remit your 50% deposit if notice given is less than 30 days before your trip is scheduled to leave. We only issue refund if we cancel the trip. We will not refund any amount if you cancel 3 days before your scheduled departure or during the trip itself.

PALAWAN  ISLES reserves the right to change or amend  it\s policy/ies at any time.


OUR EXPEDITIONS EXPLORE THE RAW AND REMOTE ISLANDS BETWEEN EL NIDO AND CORON. THEY ARE AWESOME YET THEY ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE! If you are the type who believes what makes a difference between an ordeal from adventure is one’s attitude, then this trip might be for you. This is an Expedition, not a tour… you will camp on islands, you may be bitten by mosquitoes and other insects, you may get wet from the rain while camping or traveling on the boat, boat engines may break down, the seas will not be calm and smooth at all times but your safety will always be prioritized. The expedition may be easy or it may be uncomfortable or even hard sometimes.

Before applying to take part in our expedition you must understand that what we offer is not a tour or a hotel.

Palawan Isles understand that what we do and offer is difficult and can be at times out of the comfort zone of some individuals. A place of the unknown and the unexpected. This is the lifestyle of the men and women of Palawan Isles and as much as they love it, they understand that it is not for everyone. We do not guarantee a nice relaxing time, in fact, we do not guarantee anything. We just provide all the tools to explore this awesome archipelago. & In the end … YOU and your adventurous spirit are the deciding factors!