Health & Safety

General Overveiw

Founded in Safety from our inspection- Our professionalism and safety record is unsurpassed in the Philippines. With an expedition organizer constantly in control of all clients and team members, at all times, we ensure that hazards are constantly assessed and avoided. Our decisions and methods are supported by contingency plans that take as many aspects of the expedition into account. Palawan Isles also has a dedicated Emergency Medical Technician and certified Health and Safety Supervisor as part of their team.

Over the years Palawan Isles has remained at the forefront of development for safety and comfort for our expedition members, and this will continue in the future. 


Weather determines where we go, when we do the expedition and if we do any expedition trip at all. We closely monitor the weather at all times and advise our team daily on the forecast.

There are two main seasons in the Philippines, ‘Amihan’- North East monsoon brings the dry season and it runs from October to May- this is our high season. The ‘Habagat’- South West monsoon brings the rainy season and it runs from June to September, so expect some rainy days if you are travelling during these months. We run our trips all year round, both during dry season and rainy season. However, dry season is more popular season for both local and international visitors who wish to enjoy the tropical weather of the Philippines. Nevertheless, the rainy season offers a different kind of adventure with its sporadic rains, thunderstorms and even sunny days at times! Safety and Security in the Region

Dietary Requirements

We cook both Filipino and International dishes. Seafood is a big part of our menu which we buy along the way from the locals.  We also serve vegetables and fruits. We have plenty of snacks and treats onboard. We provide drinking water, coffee,hot chocolate, tea and juice. If you are a vegetarian or have any special dietary requirements, please let us know so we can accommodate you.

Swimming and Snorkeling

The ocean is a big part of our trip so swimming and water sports are natural activities involved. If you are not a strong swimmer or not a swimmer at all, please let us know, so we can make you trip as safe and as comfortable as possible.


We highly recommend all travelers must have their own Travel Insurance. Remember that you will be traveling in a remote island. You should get a travel-insurance policy that cover loss and medical problems, missed and Scheduled Airline Failure connection, theft, and dangerous activities.